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Some of the most hazardous and harmful diseases that can plague your mouth are oral and throat cancers. They can arise at any time, and can be present in individuals who have optimum oral health. However, there are often numerous symptoms that can arise to indicate its presence.

If you are showing any signs of oral cancer, it is important to make sure that you visit your dentist for a screening as soon as possible. Typically, symptoms can arise at any time. However, even if you are showing no symptoms, it doesn’t mean you do not suffer from oral cancer, as some symptoms can lie dormant for long periods of time or never show up at all.

If you are showing any symptoms of unexplained bleeding, persistent sores, chronic sore throat, hindrances with speaking or chewing, throat soreness, unexplained numbness, patches on your gums, ear pain, malocclusions with your teeth, or dramatic weight loss, oral cancer may be causing it.

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