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The act of chewing and grinding food is very important to prevent choking when swallowing. This is primarily the work of the large molars and premolars in the back of your mouth.

Sometimes these teeth can have deep pits and fissure on the biting surface. While this helps the teeth efficiently process food, these areas can also sometimes trap small food particles and bacterial deposits. If your twice daily brushing doesn’t clear away this matter it can cause a large cavity to develop in the deep recesses of the tooth enamel.

Drs. Keith Huff can help prevent this type of occlusal cavity by applying dental sealants. It is basically a durable resin that they paints onto the biting surface of each molar and premolar. This quick treatment can often be added to your routine dental checkup.

After applying the dental sealants, Drs. Keith Huff will use a special ultraviolet light to harden the resin creating a protective layer.

If bacterial deposits do become trapped on the biting surface, the dental sealants will prevent any bacteria from direct access to the tooth enamel. The durable dental resin will continue to protect your teeth for up to ten years.

If you are in the Coos Bay, Oregon area and you are concerned about cavity prevention on your molars and premolars, you should call 541-269-5353 to schedule a dental checkup with dental sealants at South Coast Family Dentistry.