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Many people experience some type of dental anxiety before a visit to their dentist’s office. Your child can experience some of the same anxiety including a fear of your dentist, not knowing what is going on, and/or their own pain tolerance. Our professional staff here at South Coast Family Dentistry want to provide an informational and comfortable experience for you and your child.

You must first discuss with your child the different methods a dentist will use on their teeth. Your dentist can explain the exact approach during the appointment in a way they will understand. Communicate with them how seeing the dentist makes their teeth healthy and strong for a long time. Do not tell them about any bad experience you’ve had or say something will be painful.

Invite another family member or friend to attend the dentist appointment with your child. This will give them more confidence going in with someone to cheer them on. You can also let them bring a favorite toy or blanket that won’t interfere with your dentist.

Read a story or watch a film about dentistry before you come to your appointment. There are many books and shows to pick from that encourage children to brush their teeth and see their dentist.

Play a game at home as if you are both at the dentist’s office getting a check-up. This will get them more excited to go and be part of a real dentist appointment.

Creating good dental habits of brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting the dentist will help children have a good attitude towards the care of their teeth. Our team of trained professionals at South Coast Family Dentistry here in Coos Bay, Oregon, want to give your child a fun and comfortable experience. Give us a call at 541-269-5353 to set up their appointment today!