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If you are considering your options for teeth whitening treatment, you know that the options are seemingly endless. However, there is one option you may not have considered, and that’s dental veneers. Dr. Ryan R. Bailey and Dr. B. Keith Huff can provide custom-made dental veneers to whiten your smile significantly in just two visits.

Veneers are the wafer-thin shells made of porcelain or composite that look like the front surfaces of teeth. They provide an instant facelift for your smile.

When created, your dental veneers will match the natural surface of your teeth in size and shape but may be several shades lighter, depending on the level of whiteness you want to achieve. Dental veneers are an excellent solution to deep stains and discoloration that whitening gels may not be able to eliminate. Even better, dental veneers last for years with proper care.

After receiving your dental veneers, it’s important that you maintain excellent oral hygiene to keep your dental veneers looking pearly white and beautiful. The best way to invest in your new smile is through daily oral care to reduce tooth staining and plaque buildup.

Dental veneers may be the perfect solution to help you achieve a lasting bright smile, and we invite you to visit South Coast Family Dentistry to know for sure. Our talented dentists would be thrilled to create your beautiful new smile; call 541-269-5353 today to schedule a consultation at our office in Coos Bay, Oregon!