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While a crown is truly not a real tooth, you can benefit by brushing and flossing both it and the surrounding area. This can help you make the crown last longer and keep the tooth that it covers safe from decay.

The dental crown acts as a sort of shield for the tooth it covers. It keeps bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay out. There is a weakness bacteria can exploit though, and that is the small opening at the bottom of the crown. They can squeeze in and reach the tooth, which can lead to decay if they are not removed. If the tooth decays, you may lose that crown and have to get more work done on that tooth.

So how can brushing and flossing help you prevent this? These two practices can be effective means of combating plaque, which is really a gathering of bacteria that cause decay. You can wipe out plaque that may otherwise work its way up into the crown. Toothpaste with fluoride in it can help you even more. Fluoride helps teeth to remineralize so they can withstand tooth decay more easily.

Eventually, a crown would have to be replaced, but with proper care, it can last for years. If you have a crown and it comes loose, you can get it replaced here at South Coast Family Dentistry in Coos Bay, Oregon. Drs. Bailey, Huff and Stanley, our doctors, are happy to help you out. Please call us at 541-269-5353 to schedule your visit. We look forward to serving you.