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One of the greatest advancement in restorative dentistry has been the proliferation of dental implants. These can restore one tooth or one’s entire mouth, and are as close to natural teeth as replacements come. But some people are not ideal candidates for traditional implants. For them, mini dental implants may be the answer.

Mini dental implants are pretty self-explanatory. They are basically smaller versions of standard implants. They can therefore be placed in bone structure that might not have been able to support their larger counterparts, enabling some to get implants without the bone grafts they would have otherwise needed.

Mini dental implants also reduce the amount of time the entire procedure takes. Standard implants can take weeks or months to be placed and topped with crowns. Mini implants can cut that time significantly, down to one or two visits in some cases. Because the procedure is less invasive, healing time is also reduced. Additionally, all this greater economy of time and material results in a more affordable treatment.

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