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It’s that time of year again when the holidays are upon us. To help you with your gift-giving list, our South Coast Family Dentistry team has some ideas for you and your loved ones to keep those smiles healthy all year round.

Electric toothbrush: You can effectively clean your teeth with a manual or electric toothbrush. But if you or your loved one has trouble brushing for two minutes each time, an electric toothbrush can solve the problem. This advanced technology gets rid of plaque faster and more efficiently than a manual toothbrush.

Water Flosser: Flossing once a day isn’t often done for some people who struggle with traditional wax or floss. For those on your list who avoid flossing, using a water floss can take out the hassle of cleaning between teeth. Removing bacteria-causing plaque and debris will be a breeze for them with this helpful tool.

Sugarless Gum: Stockings are traditionally laden with sweet treats. But sugarless gum will not only spare the sugar but increases healthy saliva flow to wash away oral debris and bacteria for fresher breath.

Dental Travel Kit: Traveling is often a part of the holidays. A travel kit can be a fun gift and should include a travel-sized toothpaste, dental floss, oral rinse, and toothbrush. Traveling is challenging enough without neglecting one’s oral care.

Mouth Guard: Protecting your smile is vital to keeping teeth and gums healthy. If you or your loved one is active in sports or high contact recreational activities, a mouth guard is a necessity.

Teeth-whitening: A brighter smile is a welcome gift for those on your list with tooth discoloration. A tooth whitening treatment restores luster and gets rid of deep stains. A tooth whitening kit or a professional in-office whitening treatment is just the gift to bring their smile back.

This holiday season, give the gift of a healthy, beautiful smile. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 541-269-5353. Our dentist, Dr. Keith Huff, and dental team in Coos Bay, Oregon, are excited to help you with your oral health all year long!