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Drs. Keith Huff and their associates at South Coast Family Dentistry provided you with dentures to replace your missing or compromised teeth. They were initially designed to fit tightly with the available structure of your gums and the underlying bones.

As you age, the decreased stimulation and connection of natural teeth can cause your body to gradually absorb some of the underlying bone tissues. This natural process of oral atrophy can cause your dentures to feel loose in your mouth. This process could be accelerated if you lost many of your natural teeth to untreated periodontal disease.

Early on you might be able to counter the effects of oral atrophy by securing your dentures with a modest bead of denture adhesive. Along with locking your dentures firmly in place, it can also help to prevent stray food particles from infiltrating the base of the dentures.

When you remove your dentures at night you should rinse away any residual adhesive before brushing and soaking them overnight. This will insure a clean surface to reapply denture adhesive to the next morning.

When you’re shopping for denture adhesive you need to look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This small logo on the package represents that the product has been researched and tested to meet rigorously guidelines for safety and effectiveness.

If you are in the Coos Bay, Oregon, area and you have questions denture adhesive, or bone atrophy you can always call 541-269-5353 to speak to a member of Drs. Keith Huff’s staff.