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If you’ve had a crown, you know what a significant investment – in both time and money – it is in your oral health. Crowns are built to last for many years, provided you take proper care of them. However, not all crowns are perfect and there are instances in which they will sometimes fail.

The cause of your crown’s failure determines the treatment that our team here at South Coast Family Dentistry will recommend for you.

Sometimes a crown can come off of the abutment that anchors it simply because the cement failed. This is more likely if you have advance gingivitis or periodontitis that has caused your gum tissue to recede. When this happens, bacteria can sometimes gain access to the edge of the crown and the abutment, causing the cement itself to fail.

When you first feel the crown come off, look in your mouth and check the abutment that anchors your crown into your mouth. If the crown fell out because the cement failed, you should see a small piece of tooth or abutment sticking out from your gums. If the crown was anchored to a dental implant, it would look like a small piece of metal. The crown itself should also appear to be hollow.

In a situation like this, your dentist will usually clean the crown and the abutment then cement them back in place during a single appointment.

If the abutment is fractured at or near the gum line and you can see inside the crown, your dentist might not be able to cement it back into place. In cases like this, your dentist can advise you on the next course of action.

We have extended hours, from 7am-7pm Monday-Friday, and we’re open Saturday, to accommodate any and all emergencies related to dental crowns that you may experience.