Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Try as you may, your pearly whites may not always be so pearly & white. While age & genetics do factor into dark or yellow teeth, our health choices make a significant impact. Generally speaking, your diet & oral hygiene are the most important determiners of your tooth color. Beverages like tea, coffee & red wine tend to stain teeth the most. In addition to all of the other health problems it causes, tobacco is one of the biggest reasons for stained & yellow, brown or even gray teeth. And if you are not coming in for you regular dental cleanings, you are definitely missing out on a whiter smile.

We can help you remove those unwanted stains. Using our teeth whitening trays, you can make your smile brighter & whiter from the comfort of your own home. The advantage of a take-home teeth whitening kit is that your treatment happens on your own schedule.

If you have tried over-the-counter whitening kits & been disappointed, you will have better results with one of our custom whitening trays. Our trays are made from impressions of your teeth, so they fit comfortably & securely. Since they are made to fit your mouth, they can also cover all the spots store-bought whitening kits tend to miss. OTC products also tend to leak whitening gel & rub against your gums, causing gum irritation or pain.

Getting a custom teeth whitening tray is simple. We will use a special kind of putty to make a mold of your teeth. A dental lab will use these impressions to make your plastic trays, which are flexible & designed to slide over your teeth. When your tray is ready, the dentist will choose a peroxide whitening gel that best fits your needs. There are different strengths of whitening gel available. Stronger gels can yield quicker results but are more likely to cause side effects, including sensitive teeth & gum irritation.

The rest of the process is in your hands. You will need to squirt the gel into the trays & wear them for around two to four hours every day. The dentist can advise you on the right amount of time for you. This treatment normally lasts for two to four weeks. In most cases, you should notice whiter teeth within the first two weeks. If you notice any side effects, including tooth sensitivity & irritated or painful gums, stop your treatment & call us right away.

Please note that before you can whiten your teeth at home, you will need to undergo any necessary dental procedures such as cleanings or fillings.

Not everyone can benefit from our take-home teeth whitening. Some stains can’t be fixed with whitening gel. For example, discoloration from a root canal cannot be whitened because it starts inside of the tooth rather than on the outer enamel. Stains on crowns, veneers or bonded teeth will not respond to whitening treatments. New crowns & veneers are an alternative option for teeth that cannot be whitened with peroxide.

Call today to see if our take-home teeth whitening kit is right for you.